the crossroad of death

i am at a crossroads

in my life


my heart is being

ripped into two

splitting open

blood spilling onto the street

and staining the angry peoples ankles


my bones are tired

my mind is not my own anymore

how do i become more

than a passenger in my life?

a victim of my illness

and of my mistakes


how do i stop myself

from feeling this numbness

how do i bring the walls that i have built

so high


how do i stop the unhappiness

from choking me

how do i start

living for myself?


i am unsure

but for now it feels

as though the war has been lost

i am standing over the bodies

and am waiting for the final bullet

to pierce my heart


soon they will raise the flag

claim their victory

their names will be etched

in history books someday


and in the distance sit two different pathways


it took too long for us to make a choice

so we were swallowed up into oblivion






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