from another world

When she first came

in my head i wondered

had people just not cared enough?


scar tissue lines

all up her arms


all up her legs


it was as though her soul had gone

leaving only her body

for the trespassers and looters

no care


it was clear the devil had been

in court he would be convicted

theft, even murder

evidence clear


it wasn’t just this though

it was like she has come from someplace, not earth

her skin so pale

her hair so white


she has a presence

its unnerving

with a hint of sadness

like the subtle taste of mint on dads potatoes


is it what she has seen?

is it what she knows?

something doesn’t want to keep her here


the nurse says she tries to run away

maybe thats it

she is an angel

just trying to find her way back home.

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