tell me a secret

the secret eats me up

chomp chomp chomp

crunches my bones

chews on my heart

and spits out my bones

to make a nest for bedtime


my words become empty

for how can they contain substance

when there lie words overflowing with meaning


my mind becomes full of everything i cannot say

and i thought i could forget

all of the secrets

like if i filled the air with other meaningless words

they would eventually drain out the forbidden ones


but secrets do not work like that

no –

because secrets hold more feeling

more depth

more ruin

than any other tender thought

that caresses our broken minds


and the more you push away

those secrets

those feelings

those out of bound words

the harder they hit

when they bubble up to the top

of the smokey cauldron


and the steam will burn your pretty face


i want to die

i love you

i feel empty

i want to leave this place

i don’t feel at home on this planet anymore


far too much

much too far


as i walk barefoot onto the grassy lawn

with the navy night tainting the skies canvas

i lick my mouth

from the salty tears

and i look up to the moon


tell me your secrets

he says

tell me the words

they are all too weak to hear




i scream.

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