you put me in a cage and told me to fly

little bird

you were always worth so much more

than what they believed


they spent their lives

telling you how to do things

how you had it all wrong

acting like they were the most wise

and you were the court jester

the fool

not worth anything more

than what you appeared to be


but when they knocked you down

with their negativity

you stood

and apologised

took their harshness

and spun it into something beautiful

woven gold

how wonderful


and how much you hated

people who claimed to be perfect

perfect enough to tell you how to do things

how to make choices

like they did not have the capacity

to make mistakes

or be anything less than the best


like the fact you made mistakes

made you less human

when at the end of the day

it actually makes you more human

than the rest of us


but you became strong

stronger than those whose egos floated above the clouds

stronger than those who babied you

stronger than you ever thought you could become


and the next time someone told you how to do things

or live your life

you stood above them

kissed their red cheeks

then turned on your heels

and walked away.

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