predetermined pathways

my mind is creating


one beautifully constructed path

all ordered

all exact

do this, do that



there is no such thing as venturing

do not leave the path

or you will feel

all emotion

all uncontrollable

not here, not now


on this path you go

only on this path you are worthy

hold up this does not add up

somewhere, someone pipes up

how can you be sure?

just listen and follow dear child


see now, hear now

you are not quite sick enough

you are not quite ready

you don’t yet have a why

but the child’s dreams are fading

young one, that is not you


here goes the plan


tube, or you will be back


marathons, multisport



have i not been there?

it will be different this time

just this week

make it through

one phone call

now that will change your life


what if i don’t make the start of university?


darkness, opens her arms

i reach forward


through the false facade of support



down, down, down

too strong to give in

too weak to give up







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