i want to run

away from the mess

away from the noise

away from these people

who expect me to be who they want me to be


but these chains

keep me locked here

unable to move

invisible cuffs burning red circles

into my wrists





locking me into one place

making me feel trapped


to be someone i am not


how do i find the key

to unlock myself

from these responsibilities

from these anchors

so i can find my roots again

so i can live for myself

and not for someone else

they only text when they need something from you

or so i can pay rent

you are funding someones livelihood

or so i can turn up for a 8 hour shift

congrats on becoming another cog in the wheel


i remember when i didn’t have chains

5 years old

running down the hill


sugar-filled knots in my thick hair

i could go anywhere

and become anyone

befriend the flowers and the clouds


oh where did she go?


chains –

preventing me from chasing my dreams

chains –

suffocating my core being

chains  –

i am drowning on the seabed and can’t pull myself up


this wasn’t who

i was supposed

to be.







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