to my depression




drawing out all of my good parts

and leaving me with the bad


this well is dry


you take and you take and you take

and you leave me as a hollow shell


how much more do you want from me?

i have given you my mind

my thoughts

i have let you in

to take over the headquarters


i have allowed you to convince me

that any last possible drop

of goodness

is now bad


allowed you to make me suspicious

of those who hand me their love

and hurt them in return

what an unfair trade


and that’s all i have left to give

because you already own everything else


and i am so exhausted


just look at me!

dark circles have made their home under my eyes

my hands are covered in scabs

from digging my nails into the flesh

trying to keep myself sane


my bones are wary

and they all expect me to be strong

but i cannot be anything while fighting a war in my mind


sit on your throne

where i lie at your feet

you rule this kingdom now

the last of my blood draining from the open wounds

my lungs heaving their last breath


let this empty cocoon

crumble to dust

you have killed the butterfly

she was to become.

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